New duplicati installation: Access to existing Backups?

How can I access existing backups after installing duplicati on a new system?
I’d like to reuse the backup jobs as well as be able to restore existing backups.
What do I have to do?

Thanks a lot for helping.


If you exported the jobs from the previous system, import the json files, then rebuild the database, you should be able to restore (provided that the new system is compatible with your backups of course, if you want to restore to a very different system there could be caveats)

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Thanks a lot for your fast reply.

I have saved an export of every backup-job already.
So to my understanding rebuilding the database was my missing link. But where in the duplicati GUI do I have to rebuild the backup database?
Can I do this without any risk using a new system with duplicati parallel to my productive duplicati?

Well, there is a ‘database’ button. When you click it, another menu appears, if in it the ‘Delete’ button is grayed out, the database does not exist, and clicking ‘Repair’ will create it.

It is possible to test an existing backup in restoring it on another computer but good care must be taken so that no parallel write access to the backend is done.
The most efficient way is to setup your backend access read only from the test system (for example, if it’s done with a ftp or sftp backend, creating another user on the (s)ftp with the same rights as the user for the normal backup but without write rights).
Short of that, disable any automatic scheduling and remember to NEVER click the ‘backup’ button.
When the test is done, it’s better to remove the job on the test system (and remember to not check the box for deleting the data when doing so).

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