New Canary: No backup possible at all, "FasterHashing not found"

None of my backups start.

How did you install the new version? And what version are you running?

I downloaded the 64 bit msi manually and installed over the canary .15 version. But .16 didn’t work at all due to this Hashing error message, so I downgraded back to .15 now.

Ok, I just tested the msi archive and it has the exact version of FasterHashing that you cannot seem to load (also there is no change in that file from .15 to .16).

Well I will see, maybe something went wrong. Will try the next incarnation of GUI based update, hope .16 will work then. After the downgrade, something seems broken. Will need to clean up things I guess… Need to find out how, without losing my backup entries.

Problem after downgrade e.g., when I edit a a backup entry, “storage type” in the destination view is empty and the dropdown is unpopulated.
Edit: Also when I want to create a new backup set, I can not choose a storage type any more. Dropdown is empty. The upgrade/downgrade seems to have severely hurt my Duplicati.

Did you have a popup with XSRF in the description? If that’s the case a refresh of your browser should fix the empty dropdowns etc.