Need help. Backup fails. Access to the path denied


First off: Im fairly new to linux, docker and duplicati, so please be patient with me. I have basic understanding of programming but most is on windows based machines.

Im trying to set up duplicati on my new raspberry pi 4. I use raspbian lite and installed docker and portainer. I installed duplicati on portainer adjusting the provided script for the stack to use my folder locations. I used the absolute path found in Open Media Vault. To access duplicati I use the web-GUI from “my-IP:8200”.

To set things up I followed a youtube guide from dbtech link to tutorial All works fine untill i hit the run “now button” on a backup job.

The backup situation I use is similar to the one provided in the videoguide. I use an SSD instead of a microSD on my raspberryPi and a USB attached drive as my storage drive. Like in the video I use the USB drive for the source folders as well as for the destination folders (another folder on that drive) The backup folder is just a test folder and consists of only 1 folder and 1 file of 1kb. So its not size that matters.

When setting up the duplicati backupjob I dont use encryption, as its only for testing if all works fine. I get a good result from the test of the backup destination. select the folders to backup and set some time schedule. I leave everything else alone and push the “run now” button.

When I press run now duplicati starts Duplicati seems to hang on “waiting for upload to finish” and end with an error message:


I have searched the forums and the web. But I cannot find an answer to my problem. I also tried to contact DBTech on youtube, but he has moved on I guess. The duplicati log text is in the attached zipfile.

Duplicati (1.6 KB)

Please help! I have really no idea where to go from here. I hope someone can help me get this sorted out.

I created a new backup job with as the destination. This works fine, but is not what I want.

It looks like you’re really close to getting it working. I think it’s just a permission issue.

Looks like the video recommends the “linuxserver” duplicati docker image instead of the official project image. The linuxserver one takes an arguably better security posture by not running duplicati as root, but this causes some complication when it comes to permissions.

Make sure whatever user the duplicati docker container is running as has write access to the backups folder (where ever it is mapped on your host machine).

I had the same problem, the problem was in the permissions of the duplicati, when creating the docker-compose I was putting the “PUID” and the “PGID” so that I had permission as my personal user, when I really had to put those values ​​instead of 1000 to 0 so that it would have root privileges. I am attaching a screenshot of the docker-compose.yml with what I am explaining.


@carlosmgp - yep, that makes the linuxserver image behave more like the official duplicati image. It makes things easier for sure.