Mysterious warnings when trying to restore

New to Duplicati, liking what I see so far. Please excuse if I’ve posted in the wrong category or the wrong site (GitHub? Please consider this a bug report; the rest is just commentary and accolades.

Bug report section:

While testing/learning the restore function, I ran across this screen:

My question is not so much what produced the warnings, but what am I being warned about, four times no less! I eventually found the cause ( found some junk in a parameter during a previous of the backup command. ). Sorry, don’t know how it was introduced nor what the specific parameter was; space limitations on my test box require pretty tight control of file size.

TL:DR section

I’m a little irked that a program so marvelously simple and intuitive to use requires pawing through logs and deducing that it was caused by a previous edit, and simply shouts warnings without specifics. Please don’t misunderstand. this has got to be the simplest and easiest backup program to use and install for Windows. Pound for pound, it’s way ahead of the others in the easy to use category and I’ll heartily recommend it to anyone who asks. Plus it’s got a really cool name.