My alternative to Crashplan

I’m as other looking for an alternative to Crashplan and before diving to Duplicati hope someone can verify that is can be used the way I used Crashplan.

Basically I have 3 machines that backup to each other.

  1. A Macbook where backup is sent to the other to machines.
  2. A Linux server doing local backup and sending backup to machine 3. Also receiving backups from the other 2.
  3. A Windows laptop sending backup to machine 2 and receiving backup from the other two machines when an external USB is connected.

Hope someone can answer my question.


Duplicati expects the remote destination to be available when it runs a backup. If this is not the case, you get an error message.

Other than that, I think you can set it up as you describe.

I guess people can live with an error message but will duplicati stop trying or when will it give up?

It retries 5 times by default, and then it gives up (with an error message)

But will it resume next time the backup is scheduled?

Yes, but naturally fail ( in the same way ) if there is no space.

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