Music backup from iMac to QNAP problem

Hello all. I am new to Duplicati but think I get the jest of it (for the most part). As the title suggests I am attempting to backup my music folder from my local iMac to my QNAP. My QNAP multimedia drive is mounted to my computer via SMB. I have “Local Folder or Drive” selected but when I go down to select the actual folder under “Volumes” it does not allow me to click on it. There is an exclamation point on it. It doesn’t even allow me to select the external drive I have connected to my iMac as it too has an exclamation point over. When I highlight it anyways and it says “Access denied.” I did the same thing with the QNAP SMB mount and got the same access denied message. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks guys.

Welcome to the forum @WillyDiDi

I have neither an iMac nor a QNAP, but general advice is to be sure whatever user Duplicati runs as has permission. If you’re not sure, you might need to run the ps command. You might also think about when Duplicati starts. On some systems, it starts at boot and often but not always runs as root, but one could also set it up for manual or automatic start after login, which will run as the user doing the start. Running browser GUI as a particular user doesn’t matter. What matters is what Duplicati server end is running as.