Multiple session backups/restores for speed increase?


Is it possible to have duplicati open multiple connections with the cloud provider to increase the backup/restore speed? I realize this may move into the feature request bucket but I’m wondering if it’s a limitation on the cloud end?

I figured it would have been implemented by now if it was possible but I can’t find any reference to it. Apologies if this has been answered already, just point me in the right direction.



There is a request here, that is similar to what you request:

The problem is not allowing multiple parallel uploads, the problem is handling errors when one of the uploads fail.

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If you want to go fast for initial backup and the destination is in rclone list my suggestion

  1. Create an initial backup on an external disk

  2. Upload this initial backup using rclone
    rclone config
    rclone copy src dest
    For exemple for Backblaze B2 : rclone copy e:\ b2:bucket/path -transfert 8

  3. Edit the duplicati backup profile to target cloud storage.

Very conveniant if you setup a backup for a friend with slow internet speed. You create the initial backup, upload it from a fast internet connection and only delta are sent.