Multiple directores to backup

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie in duplicati. I’s like to ask the following questions and i hope you guys can help.

  1. Can i run multiple backup jobs in one server at the same time?
    i have a server with multiple filesystem each has a log dir so i want them to backup all of the on a specific time everyday. Is that possible?

  2. Do i just need to install the service for linux centos 6 or the complete duplicati?

  3. Is duplicati capable of centralized meaning only one management for all backup.


Hello @redtred, welcome to the forum!

  1. No - Duplicati runs one backup job at a time. If multiple jobs are scheduled for the same time (or if job 2 starts before job 1 finishes) then the jobs that didn’t start yet just wait in a queue until the previous job is done.

  2. Installing the service / daemon allows Duplicati to run whether or not a user has logged onto the machine. Plus, since it is usually run as root it lets Duplicati back up files not normally accessible if Duplicati us run under a normal user account.

    However, if you don’t want to use Duplicati’s scheduler you could certainly use an OS or third-party scheduler to start a backup via command line or script file (in which case I’d recommend an su or sudo for the above reasons).

  3. Duplicati itself does not have any centralized management (or reporting) built in, however there are a few third party projects to implement such things including:


Thank you very much for you reply and i really appreciate it. I find duplicati a great tool. Another question sir.

  1. If a directory contains data for monday and backed up . Then tuesday runs new backup. Is it going to bypass the monday data and create new backup. Take note that it is just backup up on a same directory on the storage.

I’ll try to use ansible to run the backups remotely


If the same backup job is running both the Monday and Tuesday backups then only blocks of data that have changed since Monday will be backed up on Tuesday.

This means if NOTHING changes between Monday and Tuesday you may find there is no option to restore from the Tuesday backup. This doesn’t mean a backup didn’t run, just that there was no difference between Monday and Tuesday.

Since Duplicati only backs up the changes since the last backup there is no “new backup” created after the initial run - it’s just sets of changes since that run.

Note that if you want to see a Restore item for every backup run regardless of changes, you can use the --upload-unchanged-backups parameter.

If no files have changed, Duplicati will not upload a backup set. If the backup data is used to verify that a backup was executed, this option will make Duplicati upload a backupset even if it is empty
Default value: “false”