Multiple Backups at the same time?

Is there a way to run multiple duplicati backups at the same time? For example, I would like to be able to run a cloud backup (like B2 for example) and do a local backup at the same time.

With the standard GUI, you cannot run two backups at exactly the same time. Jobs will run in sequence instead of in parallel.

But it sounds more like you’re asking about two backup targets. You can do this with Duplicati if you create two independent backup jobs. You’d select the same source folders for both, but you’d specify different targets.

Alternatively, you can set up just a single job in Duplicati to do your local backup, then use a third party tool like rclone to keep the Duplicati backup data in sync with B2. Personally this is the approach I take, but instead of rclone I use Synology Cloud Sync on my NAS (which is the destination for my “local” backup).

Edit: I meant rclone not rsync.

Noted. I was curious if they could run in parallel. Thanks for your time to reply. You have answered my question.