MSSQL server support

I’m starting to use duplicati and it seems great. But I have a question.
Iread it should support mssql dump under data source but when I load them it’s empty. I only have local folders.
Am i missing something?
Thanks in advance

The account under which Duplicati runs needs to have sufficient permissions on the instance. Try granting it sysadmin privileges and see if that helps.

I was just writing I found the solution. I run it as admin and it work. Even as a win service it works.

Yep that’s right… Duplicati also has to run elevated so it can use VSS.

Note that the MS SQL backup support in Duplicati seems pretty rudimentary. I could be wrong, but from what I can tell Duplicati uses VSS to find the MDF/LDF files and backs those up as raw files. As such it won’t register with the database engine as a backup and there is no mechanism to do log truncation.