MS don't want me to download

Hello All,
just tried to download latest beta version, but MS Defender stopped it. With some clicks more it’s still possible to download, but you might check to prevent that others stop at this point.

Screenshot in German:

Download link::
OS:: Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, Build 10.0.19045, latest updates installed
Browser:: MS Edge

To work around this particular ‘feature’, the best is to use another browser, then when the ‘smart screen’ kicks in after the download and before running the installer, click on ‘show more’ and then click on ‘run anyway’.
To answer to your remark, I don’t know the way of avoiding this. Obviously Microsoft is pushing new versions of its open source software all the time and I’d b ready to bet that these are not triggering this kind of warning, but how it’s done, if it’s on the provider identity (‘if town of origin != “Redmond” then show_scary_warning()’) or if there are more subtle conditions such as the developer has to use 2FA I have no idea. That’s the charm of this kind of security: once you know the secret sauce, it’s easy to circumvent it and it’s time for another bit of theater.

Hello gpatel-fr,
there is a posibility to infom MS and to hope :wink: that they care. With right mouse-click on download you get a option like ‘report this file as save.’ At following screen, it’s possible that software owner is declaring the file as save. It’s also possible to do this as user, I have done this, but this might have low effect as long as I’m the only one :-).

Btw., Firefox shows no issues…

Some screenshots (German):
2023-06-11 20_51_32-Window