Moving encrypted duplicati backup files

Hello guys. I need your help. Duplicati did a backup of 400 gb files to a directory and then I moved these encrypted files to another directory. Now I am about to use ‘duplicati-cli find’ command against the new location of files but is says “No time or version matched a fileset” . What could I do in this case? The database is in place. My duplicati version is duplicati-
Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum @orkhan12345

Are you a CLI user? Using the Command line tools from within the Graphical User Interface is easier.
Export As Command-line can bridge these independent methods by editing backup syntax into a find.

First part says you’re preparing to find. What got the error? If find, did you give it the filenames part? Were you heading there, but preparing for it without the filenames part to just see a listing of versions?

I tested a storage URL modified to an empty folder, and to a good folder that CLI hadn’t seen previously.
Pure CLI infers a dbpath from the storage URL and stores it in ~/.config/Duplicati/dbconfig.json (which you can edit if needed). CLI store is independent from GUI dbpath store in Duplicati-server.sqlite.

In my test with just the find, things worked or errored as expected, and surprisingly the database from Databasepath in dbconfig.json was not even created, but your operations might have been different.