Moving a local file - will it trigger a duplicate file copy on remote?

Hello! I have a question that pertains to my usecase which I’d like some clarification regarding.

I will use duplicati to perform remote backups of my local document folder, with encryption enabled. On occasion I will reorganize some documents by moving them to a different subfolder.

I would like to know if this action will cause a duplicate copy of the document to be stored on the backup server, or if somehow duplicati can track a file’s path separately from it’s binary data such that I am not wasting server storage with duplicate file copies.

Thank you!

No, this will not result in duplicate copy of your file data on the remote side (assuming the old and new locations of that data file are within the same Duplicati backup job definition). This is thanks to the deduplication engine in Duplicati.

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Thank you!

I originally missed this, but for anyone else:

Technology: Deduplication

Duplicati analyzes the content of files and stores data blocks. Due to that, Duplicati will find duplicate files and similar content and store this only once in the backup. As Duplicati analyzes the content of files it can handle situations very well if files and folders are moved or renamed. As the content does not change, the next backup will be tiny.