Moved to run as a service, but backups aren't showing up

After getting Duplicati up and running, I followed this guide to change it to run as a service: Migrating from User to Service install on Windows

One mistake I made was not checking/changing the database location, so it was still referencing the user profile location. I since changed that to the correct path.

Everything looks like it runs fine on the face of it - backups are completing without errors. However when I go to restore there are only two versions available, both from last month. I have tried running repairs on the database, and verify, but I only ever see those two versions.

I don’t see any errors in the backup log, it all looks like it is working fine, but I can’t restore from any of the recent backups, and it only shows as having 2 versions.

Is there anywhere else I can look to troubleshoot this? I am hoping I don’t need to start again with the backup set! Thanks for any help.

Ah, I think I just solved this myself, and it is actually just down to my lack of understanding of how Duplicati shows versions…

It turns out I hadn’t actually changed any data in these backup sets for some time, which is why the last version was showing as from some time ago. I just changed a file and ran the backup and now the most recent version is today.

So not an issue at all, I just need to read up more on Duplicati and the versioning/restore process!

–upload-unchanged-backups=true can get a version regardless, if you decide you prefer it that way. Because of deduplication, it’s basically a new dlist of files pointing to previous uploads for their data.
How the backup process works and How the restore process works get into further technical details.

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That’s great, thank you for the information!