Moved content (kinda), how to do this properly?

I have duplicati backing up a mounted smb share. All my content was previously on a Windows-based NAS, mounted to a local path…I have copied it all to a Linux-based NAS, which I have mounted at the same local path. I have verified that my mtimes have not changed. I assumed that because (from duplicati’s perspective) the file location, size, and mtime have not changed, it should just see them as the same files and continue like normal…but no, it looks like duplicati sees them as new/changed files…I assume/hope that it’ll still “dedupe” the actual file contents, but it’s going so slow I kinda think it might be reuploading everything. Does anyone know, what did I do wrong? What don’t I understand? Thanks.

It must be detecting a difference in metadata. Could be due to some variation with how Windows native SMB presented the files compared to how Linux Samba does.

What kind of machine are you running Duplicati on? If it is non-Windows and you upgraded Mono at the same time you made your NAS changes, it could also be the cause. Older versions of Mono had lower time resolution support in the file timestamps. I experienced this when I upgraded Mono on my NAS from 4.x to 5.x - Duplicati (running on the NAS) wanted to reprocess all the data.

In any case, you are fine. Just let it finish. It won’t need to re-upload all your data as the file contents themselves haven’t changed.

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Duplicati is running on Linux…I never changed anything on that machine at all. Oh well, it’s just that it’ll take a week now instead of 30mins…oh well it’s all good, thanks :slight_smile: