Move nas filesystem to internal SSD. how to use the old backup files without copying 1 TB of data to new storage

Moving NAS box files off of the NAS (which is fully backed up on my PC) to a SSD inside my PC (eliminating the need to backup the NAS). I’d like to not have to start a fresh backup of a TB of data, when the files, DBs, and config all exist. The only thing that has changed is where the source is (from NAS to internal SSD). Can I reuse the backed up files or must I start over?



I had to check your past postings to find out that you are using Windows, so… if you were using a mapped drive to access the NAS, it’s going to be easy to adapt to your new config; just map the same on your SSD and you’re set.

NAS as source might have different metadata, such as timestamps and permissions. You could check basics in Windows File Explorer. Right click and look around. Such changes will make Duplicati check affected files for other changes, but uploading should be quite a bit less because metadata is smaller.

If would be best to do an actual data change to at least one small source file, as if Duplicati has to get metadata fixed for all its files, there might still be a bug where it needs a data change to upload it all…

Backup not saved if only metadata has changed #4312

So basically the answer is that you can reuse your old destination files, but source might get looked at because source file backup is very thorough (not just data), so the files might need to be read through.

the synology box i was using required I access the file system via //ds2/filesystemname rather than thru a mapped drive letter. That might have been a duplicati issue not being able to recognize a drive letter mapped from that vintage NAS box. Regardless, I was able to back it up using the fully qualified network name. So with the data moving internal, I had a ‘real’ drive letter to use and I was successful using the existing backup files and DB. All I had to change was the source location. Thanks for your help!

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