Move from WebDAV to native storage type results in warnings

Hi All,

A few months ago, I moved from using the WebDAV storage type to Duplicati’s Box storage type (Box support for WebDAV is being deprecated). Ever since then, I’ve received warnings of:

The supplied option --auth-username is not supported and will be ignored,
The supplied option --auth-password is not supported and will be ignored

Obviously, the old options for WebDAV remain in the configuration. However, I can’t figure out how to remove them. If I export to json, then remove those options from the URL and re-import, will I be able to delete the original configuration and use the imported config in its place, with all history and metadata intact? Even if I have to rebuild the database, that’s fine. I just don’t want this to affect backups going forward under that config.


Yeah… That’s a known UI defect.

Edit your job, change the destination to back to WebDAV, remove the WebDAV specific settings, change back to Box then save.

That should do the trick.