Move Duplicati from Asustor to QNAP - Restore files

Hi, I used to backup files using Duplicati from Asustor NAS to BackBlaze (B2).
Now, I moved on to QNAP NAS.

I need to restore files backed up on B2 to QNAP now.
I tried to restore the files directly by selecting restore from config file, seems throws various errors (especially sql-lite database error).

Due to this, do you think I should the following instead?

1. Install Duplicati on QNAP (from repo store) 
2. Import backup using config.json.aes file (originally created by Asustor NAS)
As the folder path no longer available on QNAP, choose a different path

3. Run Database repair
4. Once that is done, run Restore


Yes, I would think your approach should work.

You may be able to skip step 3 if you manually copy the job-specific sqlite from your old NAS to your new one.

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Thanks for your response; unfortunately I didn’t keep the sqlite from old NAS.

One thing I noticed, when I run the restore, the ‘scanning for local blocks’ takes an ages (been running for the past 3 days to restore 408GB files) and I see no data transfer is even running as yet; is this a normal behaviour?

Personally I’m not a fan of using local blocks during restore. You can disable this by using the –no-local-blocks option.

The idea of using local blocks is to save on download cost at the expense of processing time on the local side.

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