Move Duplicati Database Files


We have duplicati installed duplicati_2.0.6.3-1 on debian 11.

We have issue with duplicati database file size located in /usr/lib/duplicati/data/

We have another disk attached mounted /var/www/ . We want to move database files of our backup to this another disk to safe root partition space.

Can some please advise procedure to relocate database file without damaging anything?

In above picture, there is button of move database, but i don’t want to ruined my backup. How to use this option. please advice a procedure.

So long as no backups are running you should be fine to click the “Move existing database” button, choose a new path and that’s it.

Thank you for your reply

Move existing database button is disabled or grayed. Can’t use it. is there a way to enable it.?

how about entering a new path in the ‘local database path’ box ?

Thank you! it worked.