Move Backup Target = Just Do It?

I have a backup where the destination is SSH. The server has two volumes. I want to move my backup storage from one to the other. The current setup is that the Destination path is

and I would like it to be reset to

So I would think that I merely move the contents of …/duplicati and then change the path value in my setup. Right?

Or are there some tendrils of that path woven through my database and Duplicati is about to decide the whole backup is invalid and has to be done over?

Because I do NOT want it to re-perform this whole f’ing backup. It’s 7TB. It took over a week. I finally have it down to incrementals that finish in under two hours. Yes I should have put it in the right volume in the first place, but now… here we are.

Yes, that should work just fine. I’ve migrated backup data to different destinations more than once without issue.

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Copy in progress. Hope it is just that easy.

Day and a half just to copy it… yeesh. Where did all this f’ing data come from. :woozy_face:

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