Mount, backup, umount

I do have a question regarding a solution to duplicati. Was reading a manual, but haven’t found it. So my question is as follows:

  1. is it possible in duplicati before making a backup to mount via script a network drive from windows, then do a backup and make an umount in script?
    So what I would like to achieve is:
    I have windows server machine with shared network drive in my LAN network. And have a duplicati in my linux server. So I would like to achieve: Run duplicati > automatically run a script with mounting network drive → make backup in duplicati → then umount it via script from duplicati.

Hi, there is this manual here which explains how the scripts work:

You want to use the run-script-before and run-script-after options.

Some tips with scripts:

  • You want to check the operation type, so it only runs for backup. Otherwise every time you try to restore, it will run.
  • You can use the same script file for both if you check the event name (before/after).

I assume you know the command to mount, otherwise you can search for other posts on this forum for that.

There are sometimes problems reported when using a network drive as the backup source, but you will need to see how well it works for your setup.

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