Most cost efficient S3 storage class for Smart Backup Retention

Smart Backup Retention saves “one backup for each of the last 7 days, each of the last 4 weeks, each of the last 12 months.”

It seems as though S3 Standard - Infrequent Access would be a good option but there is a 30-day minimum charge. So it might not be the best given that Duplicati will remove files frequently. Intelligent-Tiering also uses a 30-day minimum.

Given Duplicati’s incremental nature, is there an ideal S3 storage class for the Smart Backup Retention option?

There aren’t that many classes that it would be hard to choose. Anyway, your requirements also affect the class. I would prefer S3 Standard-IA as well. You can just set that all of the backups are kept at minimum of 30 days, because you’ve already paid for that anyway. Wasabi got something similar afaik.

As mentioned Glazier doesn’t really work for several reasons. Unless it’s just a copy of the backup and updated with suitable tool.

It’s up to you if you want to disable compact / verify / test features and so on. But the Standard AI should work with the “default settings” pretty well, just change the minimum retention period to 30 days.

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Thanks for the input. I don’t know how many people here are familiar with the complexities of S3 pricing.

Wasabi tries to be simple. I ran into this amusing article:

Just What the World Needs: Two More Tiers of Storage

For simple pricing (also good for small backups, but beware of download fees), there’s also Backblaze B2 which now does S3, although it looks like it’s not as fancy as Wasabi, which is not as fancy as Amazon…