More donation options, please

I am very happy using Duplicati and willing to honor your work with a donation. Unfortunatley I am not into crypto-currencies nor am I willing to create a PayPal account just for this purpose (have been successful in avoiding PP altogether so far). AFAIK it should also be posssible to make a donation via PP without creating an account, however this option is not possible here. After going through the payment details I can’t complete the transaction without my consent to creating an account.
Am I missing something or is payment via a PP account really my only option as an individual person?
If so, please take note (for the record) of my request to provide an option requiring no account, or another alternative like direct account-to-account transfer (I’m in SEPA area).

Thank you for your consideration!

Which PayPal link are you using? The one here has a “guest checkout” option that shouldn’t require creating an account (I haven’t actually tried though).

Seems to work for the US, but not for me:
After specifying my amount the next step does not suggest a guest option:

When I continue and select “Germany” I don’t get away without creating an account:

A quick search reveals that this is a common complaint with PayPal. In that case, there are other non-monetary ways to contribute. For example:

  • By letting us know about or helping us fix issues
  • Contributing to the documentation or how-to page
  • Helping us with translations
  • Hanging around the forum and helping others with their questions

Or, just enjoy being part of the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well - thanks then, I’ll do my best as time and my expertise allows.