Mono exception at 03:00 each morning


It’s been quite a while since I needed to report any issues with my various Duplicati installs, but this one is now happening each morning that I thought I should ask.

On my Fedora 33 server this happens at 03:00 each day:

I have no backups scheduled at that time in Duplicati, I cannot see anything else on the server that would be doing this e.g. a cron job.

I’m running v2.0.5.114_canary_2021-03-10, any ideas?

What is image from? I’m not familiar with one that has times on each line and a program hint at far right.
Or were those added? Getting the complete vertical stack would also help, if any of it is not in the image.

Unless this is a Duplicati log, you could of course also see if it happens when Duplicati is not up at 3 AM.
If the system has file access times enabled, you could also then see if anything was running mono then.

The only thing visible that possibly could be tracked down is that a Connection reset by peer can be examined with packet capture tools such as tcpdump or wireshark to see destination and guess cause.
3 AM might be awkward, but you could probably quiet system as much as possible, and capture to disk.

It’s the log output from Cockpit that runs on the Fedora server, but anyway since I reported this, last Friday I was forced to rebuild the server and only now just got Duplicati running full-time. The new server is Fedora v34 and I used Duplicati for some restores but had forgotten to enable the service so after a few reboots it was no longer running automatically.

Will keep an eye on it again in the coming days and see if the issue returns.