Modify behavior of trayicon

Over this old laptop I installed the latest beta ( service like mode. Like many other user I suffer to the problem of the missing auto start service. Anyway play with windows 10 scheduler and python scripting I resolved this problem… but another problem comes!! sometimes when I resume from the suspend to disk mode duplicati.gui.traycon.exe suddenly stop. I suspect it depends to a race condition: the server start too late but the try icon never stop (the pc gone in suspend mode). So, my question is: exist a option wich prevent this try icon behavior; IMHO the try icon will be never close: if the service is stopped the icon will become grey\paused, in this way the user have a feedback related to the status of backup server.

PS: of course I use the --no-hosted-server option

What exactly is that? I don’t recall the service ever being missing from “Automatic” Startup config. I do know that sometimes at actual boot it can’t come up within the default 30 seconds allowed (because it does drive reads at a very busy time). There are a couple of workarounds, the easiest being to set the service to “Automatic (Delayed Start)”, but that creates a race where TrayIcon may try to use it sooner.

Windows Service fails to start #2717

Duplicati Tray Icon Silently Dies with --no-hosted-server arg #3137 appears to have lit up recently with discussions. You might find something to say there as well, although AFAIK this issue is not yet closed.

Well to be exact there is no service, is there.
When talking about a “service” I’d expect a service to be installed rather than a Startup-shortcut.
If you’re working on a Windows host open up the Task Manager and find a tab called Startup. You’ll find it right there.

You also might want to subscribe to the issue @ts678 mentioned. I’m quite sure solving this issue might fix your problem as well.

About installing a windows service: I’d rather not recommend you working with Scheduled Tasks or python.

Have a look at the docs concerning Duplicati.WindowsService.exe and at my workaround I posted in the issue @ts678 mentioned.

For case of original poster, I’d want them to clarify, but it sounds like service is separate from the TrayIcon, due to the the wish to have TrayIcon do a color change if service is stopped. Anyway…

There is a service configured if you run Duplicati.WindowsService.exe but it’s a manual operation.
Running the .msi file does fine if you like the shortcut version (which is probably what most want), however .msi installer should probably be prevented from starting at login or at end of .msi install, whenever ultimate goal is a Windows service. Otherwise at boot, service will take port 8200, then whenever someone logs in they will get port 8300 on TrayIcon and be confused by what happens.

Doing a better job of Windows service install is definitely something that should happen someday. Recently it’s been a secondary priority because the focus has been on making backups reliable…

Yes, I used the duplicati.Windows.Service.exe according to this guide:

and all works fine; even if the icon isn’t present the backup jobs still working because (i can reach duplicati with localhost:8200).

Im not sure, but I have read the documentation (not the source code) and I understand that duplicati.trayicon.exe with the --no-hosted-server don’t run the server but “listen” to the port of the server and report his status so, for me is strange that the icon disappear if the server don’t run… the icon should be in the paused status (grey icon) or error status (red icon)…

@ts678 I read some posts about this issue: I try to automatic (delayed) start and modify a windows regedit key… but nothing work. IMHO because the laptop is a old core2duo with mechanical HD… anyway I create a simple script tath use the sc command to test the status of duplicati and try to start if is stopped. This is a very dirty workaround but it works (and it’s ok) for me.