Missing Files from Storage; Backup Fails

When I attempt to run my backup, I get this error message. Not sure what happened, but the files at the destination are gone, so I need to reset this backup. I assume it is failing because it is unable to locate those previously backed up files. Is there any way I can reset this backup plan, without having to re-create this backup?


If by re-create you mean the job definition, not the contents, Database screen can delete.
If there is truly nothing left at the destination, then the next backup will make a fresh start.
You should probably figure out what happened on the destination though. What sort is it?

Sorry, what sort? Not sure what you mean.

On Destination screen, you picked a Storage Type. What is it (plus anything else you care to share)?

SFTP (ssh). It is a samba share.

SFTP server serving a Samba share? If share isn’t mounted, then SFTP server would see no files.
You could look on the Samba server to see if they’re there. Losing all the files is not a good thing…

Sounds like something got really messed up. If you don’t actually need the backuped data, it’s much easier and even faster recreate everything. The recovery will be slow and results may vary as I’ve posted several times.

Yes, but

I’m not sure there was a proposal to recreate the database from destination – destination has nothing.
This is probably worth understanding (still awaiting clarifications) before just starting the backup fresh.

Faster than that would be to find the destination files somewhere. If one really wants to see if Duplicati somehow was involved in deletions, look at the backup job Show log in the General and Remote tabs,
providing both an overview (perhaps the last time the backup ran) and the details of the file operations.
Typically a backup ends in three or more get operations, naming the files. If it worked, they were there.