"Missing" Backups

Pretty sure this is nothing, but I’m not certain.

I have a backup that runs every thirty minutes with retention policy “24h:1h,7D:1D,4W:1W,U:1M”
(I believe that’s keep a copy for every hour of the last day, every day of the last week, every week of the last month, and one per month forever, please correct me if that’s wrong). When I go to ‘Restore Files’ for this backup to verify stored versions it lists a version for every day since I created the job (it’s less than a week old) and several for the last few hours, but not the 24 hourly versions I’d expected.

My suspicion is that the data for the unlisted versions was identical to the most recent backup before that, so a new entry wasn’t created and nothing’s actually missing.

The data for this job isn’t definitely going to change every hour (in fact it almost certainly wont be distinct for each hour of any given 24-hour period). If the data in the backup’s source hasn’t changed should Duplicati still list an entry in the ‘Restore from’ drop down?

Not normally, but for your test it looks like you can ask. See –upload-unchanged-backups for some information.

I’ve seen the same behavior, I have a daily backup which completes with success every night, in the restore window, it does not show every single day but I know the days missing had no changes in the files

I gave it a day to be sure, --upload-unchanged-backups is exactly what I needed to make sure everything’s working as expected. Thanks for the help.