Mirror files to nas

i’m moving/upgrading from a robocopy script backup to duplicati.

Can duplicati’s webinterface be used to make a mirror filestructure and review backup status (check Last successful run)?
So copy c:\files*.* to \NAS\backupmirror\c\files\

I will keep full backup-history using default duplicati backups, but was wondering if i need to keep a robocopy script around to get the regular network-browsable, “latest version”-mirror of my files.

thank you

Duplicati stores data on the back end in deduplicated blocks. What this gets you is very efficient storage of multiple versions, flexible retention, etc. You can’t do that with robocopy.

What robocopy gets you is an exact copy of files in their native formats and directory structure (as you know). If you still want something like that, then you should keep your robocopy script around.

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