Migrating destination?

I’ve found plenty of posts about moving to a new source. What about a new destination?

I back up to a friend’s home server, and he backs up to mine. He’s got a new system. Of course I could just add a new destination on my end and wait a billion seconds while it all re-transfers, but I wonder if I can move all the terabytes locally from destination A to destination B such that my source doesn’t even know anything has happened?

Or is that just looking for trouble, m

I don’t see what could be the problem. If your remote backend exposes say, a Sftp server, and a new computer exposes the same Sftp server with the same directory structure and the same files at the same network Internet address, I don’t see why your Duplicati client would need to be changed in any way. It should work as soon as the new computer get online.

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Excuse me, I’m just curious. How have you configured your server to use in Duplicati?

Both servers are Ubuntu and run Duplicati via docker. Each system then backs up to the other vis sftp.