Migrate to another CentOS machine

Hi everyone. At first, sorry for my bad english. I had to change my Duplicati VM to another platform. But, i upload the backups to AmazonS3. Is there anyway to move my database to the new installation? I use CentOS 7 in the both installations.

Yes, you can migrate your Duplicati configuration pretty easily. Make sure Duplicati is not running on either the old or new machine, then copy the ~/.config/Duplicati folder to the new machine. When you start Duplicati, it will have the same configuration and same local job database.

Make sure you disable Duplicati completely on the old machine.

Hope this helps.

Thanks alot for your help. I just export the config backup file and run the repair, for the database. But i have some clients with Duplicati, and i will remember your answer. Thanks! God bless you.

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