Microsoft OneDrive Authid, set as default


Is there a way to set the Microsoft OneDrive Authid as default, so can be used on mutliple backups, so we don’t have to type manually every time we change it ? So on a new Duplicati OAuth Handler request, we only change the default value for all backups, like a variable.


If you have to change it a lot, that might be something to look at.

Assuming this is a lot of backups on one system, copy can help.

If this is CLI you can try parameters-file, similar to GUI Settings,
where you can set some default options, but seemingly not this.

Another challenge is that GUI editor won’t Save without AuthID:


I suppose you could give it a bad one and then try to override it:

authid option would be the one to aim for, if you attempt tests.
The example script also shows how to send in a complete URL, however its backup folder would vary.