microSD bottleneck

I am using Duplicati on OMV on Odroid HC2. So my OS installed to microSD card.
I Am try to figure how to minimize sd card using during backups.
I have 2 MB/s speed with this settings:


So I guess all temp files and folders now holding on HDD, not on microSD temp.
Wrong! After few minutes of slow backpup process i have error “Insertion failed because the database is full database or disk is full”. I have 4TB hdd with >50% free space. So i think SD card still used. And it’s true:

But why? How i can find what is eating so much space on my SD card and how to beat it?

Hi @Nuke, welcome to the forum!

I recall reading something about Mono needing it’s own temp folder setting - is that something you can check?

–tempdir recommends the TMPDIR environment variable as being more complete,

First find it. Can you use the find command, e.g. with -ctime, to find changed files? You could get fancy if desired, and add additional qualifiers to that, e.g. -size +10M to set a size cutoff…

Or if you suspect it’s all in the temporary directory, try an ls -lcrt or similar there.

Duplicati-named files will begin with dup-, but it’s not clear what’s inside one from its filename, however one can test them, e.g. if a zip program opens it, it’s a zip file, etc. Or maybe the file command can help.

Well, Duplicati still fills up ‘/tmp’ and ‘/root/.config/Duplicati’. Both folders on microsd card.
How to change this paths? I need it on HDD.

Did you set the TMPDIR environment variable in a way that Duplicati inherits it when it starts? On the usual ps command, the e output modifier gives the environment variables. If you have a different ps, I’m not sure.

Please describe what sort of files you’re getting. If names are the random sort, you might need to examine.

You can move the (quite small, right?) /root/.config/Duplicati with what server help command describes as:

–server-datafolder: Duplicati needs to store a small database with all settings. Use this option to choose where the settings are stored. This option can also be set with the environment variable DUPLICATI_HOME.