Messing with mount/umount: Duplicati handles how?

So I was fiddling around with my file system and had some partitions unmount (which are mount -o binded to some folders that get backed up).

Duplicati backed up in this timeframe.

Now, I’ve remounted the folders. Will Duplicati reupload files that were temporarily (albiet, during a backup) absent (it sure looks like it from how things are behaving)? If so, will dedup take care of this post-upload (so that there aren’t duplicates…)

EDIT: I spoke to soon. Duplicati is just indexing the re-mounted files. Too early to tell if they’ll be reuploaded. I’m guessing dedupe stuff would run prior to uploads.

If all files are already backed up, then the only negative impact the unmounting has is that this particular restore point will be missing those files.

But any new backup runs will recognise the files as already backed up on a previous.