Master password not requested

I have set a master password, but I am surprised to see that it is not requested when I open Duplicati by double-clicking on the tray icon.
Is that normal or is there a bug?
Thank you

Does the tray icon point to the same Duplicati instance as the one you configured your password for?

If you use Duplicati as a service or started Duplicati.Server.exe and did not add --no-hosted-server to the tray icon properties, you will have 2 Duplicati instances: http://localhost:8200 and http://localhost:8300. One of them might be password-protected, the onther one not.

I don’t use Duplicati as a service and use the master password. Actually it does not ask for the password when you click on the tray icon, but it passes a token on a URL, which changes with each access. If you try to access the server directly by entering the address in the browser (http://localhost:8200), the password will be requested.

I think this is a known issue. See @kenkendk’s comments here:

Sorry to react so late. I have set Duplicati on all the computers of my start-up, but I don’t want the users to access it. I can hide the tray icon, but they can easily re-display it. So, thank you to all your answers. I am not used to run it as a service, but I will try. Does that removes the tray icon?

Yes, the service can run without a tray-icon.

Note that while the service can run without the tray-icon, that does not mean installing the service will DISABLE the tray-icon.

It sounds like in your situation you’ll have to manually remove the tray-icon from each user’s start-up.

But as you said, even then they can easily re-display it - so if you’ll still want to keep the password in the main menu Settings “Access to user interface” section.