MariaDB (MySQL) backups with duplicati

Hi =) I tried to use duplicati to make backups of my mysql-database, but I got the following error;
/config/scripts/alldatabasesbackupscript: line 31: mysqldump: command not found

As mysqldump is not exisiting in the container, are there any other possibilitys to backup databases within duplicati?

MariaDB is on the host machine? I can’t think of how a container could interact with the host like that to trigger database dumps, but I’m not exactly an expert on Docker.

My initial thought is to just schedule regular database dumps on the host and have Duplicati back up the database dumps.

What do you think?

Yes it’s on the host machine…but to execute a command (like mysqldump) you need to know the container-name of mysql. This name is random in swarm, so this doesn’t work here…also the problem, you need cron. As I’m running in rancheros, there is no cron available…