Manually specify the archive creation date/time

Is it possible to specify manually the archive creation date/time like Borgbackup’s “–timestamp”?
I need to add some old files in current storage (2020 year and later)

Hello and welcome! No, there isn’t a way to control timestamps on the files Duplicati creates. And to be honest, I’m scratching my head at the utility of such a thing due to the way deduplication works in Duplicati. The files you back up can have chunks in many different dblock files.

same as a current backups that adding with current date/time, don’t see difference

You add files of any age to the current destination by putting them in the defined source and backing up.
This won’t modify the old backup though. I don’t use Borg, but timestamp looks like an archive attribute, overriding true archive creation start time currently, according to Changelog. I’m unclear when it’s used.

Sorry, I’m not following this line. What’s being compared? Maybe a longer description would be clearer.

Look, i have backup retention “1D:U,1W:1D,1M:1W,1Y:1M”. If i backup now, i need to wait month to be sure that this files will be stored for a long time. Also i need to remember that this files was backuped in november 2021.

My first backup was in april 2021.
I want to backup some files of Jan 2015 (for example), i.e. in borg it is --timestamp 2015-01-01.
So i don’t need to remember in what month i made backup, just add to storage with time that i want

Well, after 1 year your backups will be purged according to your retention policy. If you want to keep them longer, you may want to adjust that. Personally I use “U:1M” as the last entry in my retention policy.

The timestamps of the files you back up are irrelevant to the backup policy. The backup policy retention works on the date the backup occurred.

Thanks, i will discuss this with others. Duplicati is in test mode from april.

It depends on whether the files are deleted later. They won’t be in a version called 2015, but will be in all future backup versions until deleted from source, at which time the retention policy clock starts running.

Duplicati is meant for backup not archive. I wouldn’t advise having your only copy of the files in Duplicati.
Best practice for valuable files used to be having two backups, but some now claim that’s too simplistic.

If you need to separate these old files from current backups, the choice of backup name is totally yours, and there’s an optional field for a description. This will clutter the home screen, and it might be messy…

Each backup job can get its own settings, including retention, but there is no deduplication between jobs.