Manual for explanation of (for instance) General Options?

I have found a PDF manual on google drive via the forums but I haven’t been able to find the meaning of most options. Nor have I been able to find information on how the system works on macOS (much of it is Windows specific). For instance, I would like to create a LaunchDaemon so that the Duplicati process starts after reboot with root privileges so I can use it to have backups setup for multiple accounts. I have noticed that starting the Duplicati ‘application’ just starts the background processes but it is not clear yet how (mono is involved of course).

Where can I best find that information?

As far as I know all options are documented in section Advanced Options. Commandline options for several tools are described in section Other Command Line Utilities.
Is there any specific information about options that you are missing in the documentation? If so, please let us know, so that we can update the manual.

That’s true. I don’t have much experience with operating systems other than Windows, so currently the manual is focussed on Windows.

PDF version 0.3. Advanced Options: 1 image on page 30, no explanation of each option. Page 34, General Options, the shown options are not explained what effect they have or what choices there are.

macOS: I can help. I am planning to create a LaunchDaemon that starts the Duplicati process. I can produce that for the project if I can find out how it works.

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There is a 0.5 that contains a lot more information, including a chapter “Advanced Options”. Does this version contain what you are looking for?

Let us know when you figured it out. Any help is appreciated!

0.5. I see. Much better at first glance. I found the earlier versions via thread or other page on the duplicati/forum site, this one was not immediately found.