Main menu location

I haven’t figured out what the trigger is yet, but I’ve noticed on some of my machines I get the main menu “grid” in the upper right but on other machines I get the main menu text on the left side of the screen.

While both are functional, I find the text menu slightly annoying because it scrolls off the top of the screen when I need to scroll down to read content (advanced parameters, logs, lots of jobs, etc.).

How hard would it be to make that menu block stay in place?

Are some of your machines low resolution? The grid menu should not kick in until the browser width is less than 1150px.

Yes, the responsive design moves the main menu to a button in the upper right corner when running in a small window or on a low resolution device.

I also would like to have the menu items at a fixed position when scrolling, but I don’t know if that is possible without the use of frames.
On high resolution screens I prefer the menu items to be expanded like it is now, not hidden under a small button, so I don’t have an particular idea how to handle this.

This should work well with position:fixed; on the menu and then increasing the padding-left from 50px to about 350px on the content wrapper.


Looks good! Could you do a PR? IMO, this is a very useful improvement. No unwanted side effects when the page switches to the lo-res version?

Yup, I’m just jumping back and forth between random forum posts while also trying to think of things I might have broken with the changes… I think I might be working on 20% brain power tonight, so it’s going slow.

Also I should mention I hadn’t actually implemented that, it was just changed in chrome web tools. But I got it in code now and it looks like it works as intended :slight_smile:

The PR is here: #3022

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