Macos update fails to restart duplicati

after pressing activate when upgrading duplicati kills the existing process but fails to restart. Happened on all my updates, last when updating from to
the problem occurs on Macos, I’m running a linux instance where this works fine.

Not the most critical issue but would be nice to have it fixed.


Thanks for reporting that you’re running into this.

I’ve done some of the recent updates on a Mac and haven’t run into this issue - are using any custom parameters or maybe a GUI password?

The only parameter I’m using is send-http-url.
No gui password.
default parameters send-mail-from and send-mail-url
allow remote access

I’m using latest macos (high sierra)

I’ll try to do a MacOS update tomorrow and see what happens…maybe I’m just mis-remembering.

On MacOS 10.13.5 High Sierra I updated from beta to canary using the GUI updater and let the 15 second count-down timer run out and the page reloaded on it’s own with the new version running fine.