[macOS] External Volume not properly recognized

Hey all,

since at least the latest version, Duplicati has been failing to back up my external drive.
It says the ‘source’ has 0 bytes, which is obviously not true. It seems not to be able to recognize the drive contents at all:

I cannot browse in it and I’m guessing that’s the reason it sees 0 bytes inside the drive.
Any suggestions?

I’m on, macOS Catalina.

I’ve actually figured it out, now that I wrote the issue out.

After all, it seems to be a permission issue. Duplicati is not properly requesting permission from macOS to access folders, and thus it cannot see contents by default. I think a patch for support of this is needed here.

A workaround is running Duplicati as sudo from command line:

sudo /Applications/Duplicati.app/Contents/MacOS/duplicati

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I don’t have macOS, but for Catalina compatibility you probably want the current because Catalina had a large number of security changes that Duplicati had to deal with, but not in a 2018 Duplicati which is basically what you have. was just a warning added to