MacBook Duplicati MyBook2FTP

Duplicati 2.07.1 runs on an MacBook (Sonoma 14.1.1 - M1) off a friend of mine. I can back-up local files to a remote FTP-server. I don’t know much about Mac’s. :frowning:
I also want to backup files from a WD-Cloud (A28-WD) to the same FTP location. I can access te A28-WD in the finder.

As source I tried to several things like:

  • //A28-WD/foto/0 Lopend/ (also with /user:user password)
  • smb://user:password@A28-WD/foto/0 lopend/
    The map-icon before the entries show al lock on it.
    How to unlock that folders

I hope someone can bring some light here. TIA

From what I have always seen so far, this means that the granted rights are not enough to access the path.
Can you open a terminal window, cd into the mounted directory and try to do a ‘ls’, or read a file (using ‘cat’ for example).

Duplicati has no built-in access to network drives on Linux or Mac. You need to mount these folders to a permanent local path and specify that in Duplicati. This user managed to get NAS drives to show up in /Volumes:

Thanks for the answers. End of the week I’ll try the possibilities.

Thanks for the replies. The /volume/ did it.