Lost database - can I rebuild from remote backup

Silly question - I’ve lost the original database I used for backups, but have access to the backed up data. Can I rebuild the database and use it to restart the backup? Or do I have to make a new backup which will duplicate the data?

Yes, you can. Is the job still defined in the web UI? If not, recreate the job definition. Click on the job in the main web UI to expand options, click the blue Database link, and then click the Recreate button.

Depending on what version of Duplicati wrote the backup data, you may be hit by a bug that causes this operation to take much longer than it normally should. If it appears to get stuck at ~90%, click About → Show Log → Live → and set the dropdown to Verbose to see what’s happening.

Thanks. I created a new job but the “recreate” option was greyed out. I clicked on “repair” and it seems to be recreating it now.

Oh yes, the Recreate option is grayed out when the local database doesn’t exist. Repair basically does the same thing in that case.