Lost all my photos

Yesterday i uploaded all the photos i have on my pc. Then i wanted to put them back today. Nothing worked. Repair was 1 option but did not work…
Tried everything…but to no avail. Ended up frustrated and deleted everything…
Wrote Rene an email and he advised me to comment here…So there it is…

Welcome to the forum @Bastian_Gerrits

Are you saying you backed up the photos, deleted the originals, deleted the backup, then sent a comment?

Are you still testing? If you’d like support, we need data on what “everything” was tried, and what happened.

Duplicati.CommandLine.RecoveryTool.exe would have been good to try, depending on condition of backup:

This tool can be used in very specific situations, where you have to restore data from a corrupted backup. The procedure for recovering from this scenario is covered in Disaster Recovery.

If you have recycle/trash bins, or Windows shadow copies available, you might get deleted files back.
Best Photo Recovery Software in 2020 is an article I’ll quickly cite (Google helped) for another option.
Basically you have options, but if you want to use recovery tools, do it quickly before overwrites occur.


Is there a chance you deleted the backup without checking “Delete remote files”? That may be fixable.
If you did a thorough delete with no recycle/trash around, then it’s disk recovery tools or it’s all deleted.


An automatic photo backup program such as Google’s free backups to Google Photos might help you, provided you set it up. If your originals came from memory cards, those might also have some photos.

i backed up my photos. Then deleted the originals. Then i tried to upload another map. This one is full of cbr. files. Comics to be precise :slight_smile: That didnt work. Tried several times but nothing worked…Tried to upload a map with pdf. files. That also didnt work…Thought to myself…well, i better get all my photos back and delete my account…theres obviously something not working for me here. Tried to restore the old back up of photos and that also did not work. Tried repair, dismiss…nothing…could not get it back…frustrated i deleted the lot…

Sorry to hear you lost data that can’t be replaced. I’m afraid it is too late for the tip to never trust any backup software: it’s strongly recommended to test the restore operation regularly and keep multiple backups of important data (preferably using different solutions to backup your data).

Backup software (including Duplicati) is not an archiving solution. It’s also strongly recommended to copy your data to offline storage before deleting it.

Hopefully one of the suggestions @ts678 provided helps you to recover some or all lost files.

If you’re on Windows and VSS is enabled, ShadowExplorer could help recovering your files.

22 Best Free Data Recovery Software Tools is another list. I haven’t personally used any of these though.
If you can get back the photos directly, job done. If you can get back backup files, that might work instead, depending on how much was in the backup when you deleted its files. At least it gives something to try…

Thank you both for you’re replies. Guess i should start making new photos :slight_smile:
All the best, Bastian.