Looking for the Infomaniak 'Path on server' please?

Does anyone know what the ‘Path on server’ is for Infomaniak please?

So I’m looking to add a folder to the Backup Destination, but Duplicati doesn’t recognise my previously created folder in Infomaniak.

The folder /[FOLDER NAME] does not exist. Create it now?

I’ve also tried: /[ID kDrive]/files/[FOLDER NAME]

My WebDAV Settings
Server: connect.drive.infomaniak.com
Port: 443

Does anyone here use Infomaniak? What’s going on??


I don’t use your provider - at some point I wanted to try it but it turned out that as for many providers the ‘free tier’ needs either a credit card number or a phone number (thanks for the privacy) so I gave up.

In my limited experience with Webdav and Duplicati, paths look like absolute paths but are really relative - that is, the webdav server behaves like a rooted ftp server, in other words, you ask for /sauve/test but on the server the real path is /share/cache/sauve/test.

But it may be that it is not a norm, and that some servers are not rooted. I don’t know enough about Webdav to say if this is possible.

In this case, maybe using a relative path (not prefixing it with /) could be a way.

How about trying to not set a path to test things ? if it works by storing files at the upper level, then you’ll know that the problem is really a path problem and not another problem (the Duplicati test is generally not very advanced and don’t detect all possible problems).

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Connect to kDrive using WebDAV from Infomaniak would be worth a read if you haven’t done so yet.
There are tools mentioned you could try. At the bottom is Direct Webdav connection to folder.
The page suggests there are some non-obvious subtleties to paths. You could also ask their support.

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Well looks like there’s something else going on! Removed the Path and the Backup started for a minute, then this;

Error while running R2-BACKUP
One or more errors occurred. (Connection reset by peer (Connection reset by peer) (One or more errors occurred. (Connection reset by peer)))

Maybe I should have stuck with my first choice and gone with Jotta Cloud! Well I’ve paid for the first month with Infomaniak now, so maybe I should reach out to their support - but I know they’ll try and convince me to use their software!

Thanks for all of your thoughts.

Did you look at the link by @ts678? It looks like you need to use your ID as part of the server URL.

You will therefore have to write https:// IDkDrive .connect.kdrive.infomaniak.com each time it is necessary ( https://123456.connect.kdrive.infomaniak.com for example as a Webdav address)

A very simple trick to enable a direct connection via Webdav to the folder of your choice consists of using the following URL: https:// IDkDrive.connect.kdrive.infomaniak.com /MyDrive/Documents

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At least they documented how to use WebDAV. You could prepare for support try by using that page.
Supporting third party software can probably get difficult, but it may go deeper. For example, on idea:

Jottacloud doesn’t officially support third-party software. See here, here and here. You can read more.
Admittedly they tolerate us fairly well, but break us sometimes as they change the undocumented API.
I don’t know the pricing of all vendors, but sometimes they may hope you’ll pay but not use very much.
Some vendors also throttle heavy users. What’s a good deal for you may be a bad deal for the vendor.

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We’re up and running :smile:

So after scrutinising that help guide and trying out every scenario, I completely missed adding ID: 123456.connect.kdrive.infomaniak.com

dOH! Anywho, thanks again for all the feedback and ideas, it’s great news I got this up and running with Duplicati!

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