Login fails after setting password (Mac OSX)

I just installed the Mac OSX version last night. I set a password during the initial setup and was locked out as soon as I saved the changes. Attempts to login failed. Google search showed that this was a known problem, but I was unable to find a solution. Since this was a brand new install I decided to try the uninstall.sh script included with the package. After running the script, rebooting the computer and reinstalling Duplicati I was able to access the GUI and delete the password setting, but now I get a missing tokens error when the page loads. Not sure if both issues are related? Not sure how to correct the missing tokens error?

What version of Duplciati are you using?

Is it a “Missing XSRF token” message as discussed in topics like the one below? Does a browser page refresh (F5 or ctrl+r) make it go away?

Yes, missing XSRF token. I can dismiss the error message without the need to refresh. The page actually loads behind the pop up displaying the error. My concern was that the error might indicate a problem related to my repeated attempts to uninstall the original installation after getting locked out. That perhaps the script may not have completely uninstalled all components of the app. There were a couple of receipt errors when I ran the script.

The XSRF error means that the web interface was unable to get some data it needed from the “server” (either the Tray Icon or the service/daemon). I’d strongly recommend the F5 or ctrl+r refresh as continuing in the GUI without refreshing the page could cause other issues, depending on what data is missing.

I doubt that’s the case. There have been some fixes put in since the version to address this issue but on the whole they seem to be related to some sort of general slowness of the machine Duplicati is running on.

For example, I notice the error a lot on my 8 year old laptop but never (that I recall) on my 1 year old desktop. Similarly, I’ve seen it more often in virtual machines than on physical boxes.

For me, in every case a page refresh of the browser let me continue on without issues so I usually chalk it up to something else on the computer was using CPU, disk, memory, whatever causing Duplicati to be a little slower than the GUI was happy with.

Oh - and thanks for using Duplicati! :smiley: