Logging names of backuped files

For each backup job I would like to have a list (preferably in a text file) of those files which were successfully backuped. I checked the logging options but could not find a specific one for this purpose. Option full-result did not change the result log available in the GUI.


Did I miss something?

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The FIND command can do what you want. I tested it by specifying * for the filename and version=0 (to list the files in the most recent backup).

Not sure if there is a way to log all files within the backup job log itself. It can be a HUGE amount of output.

Thank you! The result of the FIND command isn’t quite what I’m searching for, but your hint brought me to the COMPARE command which nearly did the job.

I tried Duplicati.CommandLine.exe compare "file://E:\Backup\\" 0 1 --full-result and the output was like shown below.

Unfortunately version 0 isn’t the most recent version, which is from 23:45:00 not from 22:15:00. Any hints? Solution: At 23:45 the backup was started but since no files were added, modified or deleted no new version was created.

  Listing remote folder ...
  Downloading file (2,07 MB) ...
  Downloading file (2,08 MB) ...
Listing changes
  0: 25.11.2019 22:15:00
  1: 25.11.2019 18:45:00

Size of backup 0: 24,03 GB

  3 added entries:
  + C:\Temp\Desktop\a.txt
  + C:\Temp\Desktop\b.txt
  + C:\Temp\Desktop\c.txt

  4 modified entries:
  ~ C:\Temp\d.txt
  ~ C:\Temp\e.txt
  ~ C:\Temp\f.txt
  ~ C:\Temp\g.txt

  2 deleted entries:
  - C:\Temp\i.txt
  - C:\Temp\j.txt

  Added files:       3
  Deleted files:     2
  Modified folders:  4
  Modified files:    3
Size of backup 1: 24,03 GB
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Great! Glad you found what you were looking for.