Log does now show all errors

At the end of a backup, a pop up shows errors in the thousands, yet when clicking to show the log, it only shows a few dozens warnings.

If I want to actually see all the errors, I have to go to the About screen and select:
Log data from the server: Live: Select a log level and see messages as they happen: Warnings
and have them write to the screen them in real time. If I click away from that scree, they are gone!


if you want a full log for the server, try to use the --log-file and --log-level= options. Note that this may saturate your disk, though, so it’s better for a short debugging session.
Default Duplicati logging is limited to 20 entries for each kind (info, warning, error). As you said, the live log displays everything but it’s not kept.

Just did it now. Thank you!