/localuser, -portable-mode, --auto-cleanup, --auto-vacuum, BackendTester

Hello all,

I am very impressed by Duplicati, but some questions came up:

  1. Installation as a service, /localuser
    I want to install Duplicati as a service on my Windows machine (me being quite experienced) and on the one of a friend (rather not experienced; also Windows). VSS will be switched on.
    Question for both cases: Do I install the service as System user and leave it like that, or do I install it as System user and switch to a normal user with Adminstrator privileges (yes, this is not good…) via the Windows Adminitration GUI?
    In the latter case: Should I pass the “/localuser” argument during service installation? I tried both and see no obvious difference. I also tried to pass my user name via the “/localuser” argument, but it didn’t change anything (perhaps the syntax was wrong, but there was no error message either).
    So what is this argument used for anyway?

  2. -portable-mode or not?
    Should I set this swich in the two cases above (experienced/non-experienced user)?
    I have the feeling that I would prefer the database in a quite well defined location rather than deep in some user’s home directory but that may be misleading. Are there any pros and cons?

And just for interest:

  1. –detached-process?
    What the heck is that supposed to do? The documentation says it makes the program quit immediately and sends no output. Why is it there?

  2. BackendTester
    What is the syntax for the BackendTester in case of OneDrive? This did not work:
    Duplicati.CommandLineBackendTester.exe onedrivev2://[AuthID]@Backup
    “Backup” is the path on my OneDrive. Username and password instead of [AuthID] didn’t work either.

  3. –auto-cleanup, --auto-vacuum?
    I wanted to stay as close to a default installation as possible, but these options sounded too good. Are there any known issues?

Thank you very much for any help and for this great piece of software


LocalSystem should work fine - that’s what I use on the one system where I have Duplicati configured as a service. (It’s a web server that normally does not have anyone logged in.)

I don’t use --auto-cleanup, but I definitely use --auto-vacuum and also --auto-vacuum-interval set to 1W. If you have a large database, vacuuming can be time consuming. Setting the interval option reduces the frequency in which that operation runs.

I don’t have any experience with the other options you mentioned.

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Confirmed in another thread that the /localuser option doesn’t work as expected. Manually changing the service account is a workaround for now.

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I usually advise people to base it on an Export As Command-line (or Commandline and add quotes).

Syntax example: