Localhost vs IP address

If I open a browser to localhost:8200 I can access the browser GUI but If I go to (same computer, explicit IP address) I get a Connection Refused. This should work fine, there are no firewall rules to prevent it. What am I missing?

I don’t know the exact technical reason, but for localhost I generally use, only when trying to connect from inside the network but from a different device I use the 192 address.

Either should work if you’re on the same machine. What I’m trying to do now that I have Duplicati mostly working is to set up mechanism so I can manage all my Duplicati instances, running on different machines, from any other machine on my network

This is by design. For security reasons, the webserver only listens on the loopback interface (localhost or, making it inaccessible from other hosts over the network.

If you want to connect to the web interface over the network (for example on headless sytems), start the tray icon or server with option --webservice-interface= Replace the IP address to the address assigned to your NIC.

--webservice-interface=any binds the web service to all available network interfaces. Be sure to set a password to the web interface and never expose the Duplicati web service to the internet.

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Yeah, I figured it was a listening issue. Unfortunately that means one can’t just start the Mac version by double-clicking on the Duplicati app and instead the appropriate commands need to be thrown into launchd

You can toggle the option in settings, and it should work even when double-clicking:

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