Local database move

I use Windows 10-computer as “Duplicate server”. It is, one not important computer make backup work from NAS to Google Drive.

Problem is, computer system disk is SSD and only 128 G. Now I test make restore FROM google drive to External 4T drive. Data quantity is about 2T.

Duplicate say no enough space- first I think it is somethn miracle reason empty 4T is too little for 2T. But- it is LOCAL DATABASE problem. 128 G disk is too little- there is Dropbox, Onedrive, etc etc waste, and only 20 G empty space. After hard cleaning work.

But, inside computer is also empty 1T disk. Named “E:”. Is it possible move local database use it? I try, but answer is “not possible”. First I try close duplicate, then copypaste c:\users\username\appdata\local\duplicate… folder to E:\ and then write “database location” E:\Duplicate…etc. Not work. Also “move database” not work, it is grey and cannot use.

So, how I can make this transfer?


the idea of ‘move database’ is that you replace the path in the Web UI by the new location, then click Move database, then wait a few seconds and if all is well, there is no error message and the button ‘move database’ get greyed again.

manuals are not enough exact.


E: is my 1T disk. Reason I does not want waste to root, I make folder “duplicatilocal”.

So: New location, what I must write?




Only folder name or with this “sqlite”?

Err, I think that I did not reply fully, as the procedure I gave only applies to backup databases, not the main server one (the one used by the Duplicati server itself). To move individual backup databases (job databases) is possible in the Duplicati Web UI, but it’s not possible to move the Duplicati server database itself in the Web UI.

Yes it’s complicated. It’s the bane of some applications, often open source applications, to try to please everyone and to be both fully automatic for beginners and to offer maximum flexibility to advanced users - it makes rules so complicated that writing clear and exhaustive documentation is an impossible task.

So…I think that the simpler way for you could be to make a symbolic link in your directory using mklink.

stop Duplicati service
cd c:\users\username\appdata\local
move Duplicati e:
mklink /D Duplicati e:\Duplicati
restart Duplicati service

After doing so, you will need still to register all individual backup (job) databases, but instead of moving, click on ‘Save’ as the files will already be moved by the above procedure. Confirm and confirm and it should work (test by using the restore function, if it displays the backup it’s working).

Edit: I forgot to add the customary warning about symbolic links; they are easy to add and use, but they carry some risks when undoing. Deleting symbolic links is best done in a command windows and using rmdir (NOT rm !), then moving back the directory in its original place can be done with ‘move’.

Ah, okay. So, summa summarum:

In windows it is not possible change database location.

C:\Users\XX-1\AppData\Local\Duplicati\Duplicati-server.sqlite → E:\duplicatelocal.

Mainly: “It is not possible. Or, is it possible, but very difficult. Use symbol link.”

Now my local databasefile is even 4G. It is quite hard with little SSD. So: better way change SSD to bigger.

So, finally: This databasefile only possible location is c:\users-etc.

I try move it:
Stop service…

  1. I create folder e:\duplicatelocal (md duplicatelocal…)
  2. Then. I write “Local database path” e:\Duplicatelocal. ----> It make any error “this file found” (Sorry, I change Duplicate to English but messages are still finnish so I must translate).

Then I try remove this folder- it is empty reason it not work.

Local database path, E:\duplicatelocal. Move… etc. Result, E:\ found this file. Ok, not this way.

Then I create again duplicatelocal folder, now E:\duplicatelocal_new. Then, path e:\duplicatelocal_new\duplicatelocal and move. Okay, now Duplicate move it under this folder duplicatelocal_new- under it I found duplicatelocal-named file, 4G.


Repair: First I pause service. Then Repair. Then start again. Error message “Cannot create E:\duplicatelocal\duplicatelocal because a file or directory with the same name already exists.”.

“Run now”. Same error message.


  1. I can pause service from Web Ui press “pause”, eg.any minutes.
  2. I can move it database. Writing new database path. New path and then “move existing database”.
  3. But, after this move it is not possible use it- error.

So, final result:

  • Only way move database is use symbolic link or change SSD to big one?

If you find that using a symbolic link is too difficult, wait I explain to you how to use the registry to set an environment variable or a command line switch for the Duplicati server…

You’re mixing up lots of different things. There’s a folder and two different types of database in there.

Database management in the manual talks about the job database, and how to see where it resides:


The job database is random-letters.sqlite and is the one that gets big with a big backup (lots of data).
There is also a small Duplicati-server.sqlite in the same folder, e.g. your AppData\Local\Duplicati

You can only recreate the job database, and it lives at the path shown on database screen. Setting a Local database path to its containing folder makes no sense. DB recreate will fail, as it did for you.

The first suggestion was to edit the Local database path to a similarly named file somewhere on E:
then press Move to move it. Duplicati-server.sqlite can stay in original C: location, as it’s extremely tiny.

None of them. Your “Present” is impossible though. See manual or image above for a proper DB name. Local database path is not a folder, not a server database, but a random-letters.sqlite job database. Your original post is unclear. Did you see a large file (possibly damaged) with job database type name? That’s what should be in Local database path. Please look and see if maybe you mistyped an entry.

If you have no large job database anywhere around, then I guess you have no choice but to recreate it. Preferably you can find latest job database. If so, you can put it in folder on E:, type its path, then Save. Alternatively if Present was misreported and is actually fine, edit path, Move, then Duplicati will move it.

If you desperately want to have not even the tiny Duplicati-server.sqlite on C:, that was the second idea given previously, but it’s more complicated than just an edit of database path then button press to move.

Unclear what arrow means. If Local database path edit, start is wrong (server DB) and end is folder.
Correct edit is a random-letters.sqlite database path on C: eventually winding up at a similar path on E:

If E: is a mechanical drive, you might notice a performance degradation because your SSD runs faster.

If you mean you have a file that size, that’s probably the path that should be in Local database path.